Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Going To Be A Long Summer

We are only a few days into summer vacation, and I am out of my mind already.  I know quite a few parents out there are of one mind in dreading the summer break, for many different reasons.  The kids get bored, they get whiny, all they want to do is lie around the house.  They are too hot, they don't want to wake up for anything, they miss their friends.  There is nothing to do, there is nothing to eat, no one is home to hang out with.  There is nothing on TV, they don't want to go outside, there are too many bugs.  Sound familiar?  Well, I am dealing with that, times 3, plus a good dose of Autism mixed in.  Shake it all up, and it is going to make for one loooong summer!

How does Autism affect summertime fun?  For one thing, Katie has a hard time entertaining herself.  If she goes to play outside, she only ends up walking back and forth talking to herself.  Unless there is someone else there to engage her, outside is not her thing.  We have a pool, which she loves to swim in, but I won't let her swim without a parent there, so if I want her outside, I basically have to be with her.  Rememer in the old days when we would go outside to play and be there all day?   Only coming inside for Kool Aid and dinner time and when the street lights came on?  That is not an option for Katie. 

A long time ago, Katie used to go to summer school.  She became "overqualified" for that, so I sent her to the local parks and recreation program.  She loved that, and went for several years.  Then she became too old for parks and rec.  Now what am I going to do with her?  I don't want her to sit around watching TV all summer.  I have a few play dates lined up, and at night we will be busy with sports,  but I am looking at a whole summer with her following me around, wanting to plan parties and talking my ear off and wanting to eat Doritos.  That is going to get old, fast.

So far, in the few short summer days that we have had, she has.....eaten a cupcake wrapper, dropped an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet, cried at a birthday party, been covered in ketchup at a golf outing, rearranged her sisters make-up (not in a good way), decided to do all the laundry without me knowing, freaked out at a softball tournament, and un-invited her sisters to the family Tigers game.  I am hoping that she is not going to gain a bunch of weight this summer, because she has also been eating constantly.  She already planned at least 5 parties, told all her "pretend friends" that I am not fair to her, and still can't figure out how to not put her bathing suit on backwards. 

I know that we will get through this summer, just like we get through everything else.  I am just not sure what I will be like on the other side of August.  The best idea I can come up with is to plan a bunch of stuff, a bunch of outings and get togethers, parties and picnics.  We have a few books that we are going to read together, and plans to ride bikes and swim.  I just don't see me personally getting anything done this summer.  I won't be able to go to the movies with my girlfriends, or stroll through the art fairs or shop leisurely at the mall.   I guess this summer, I will have to put some effort into making our Adventures in Autism as exciting as I can.

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  1. Oh, are doing a great job! Katie is so blessed to have you for her mom. And I just had to laugh at this line: "but I am looking at a whole summer with her following me around, wanting to plan parties and talking my ear off and wanting to eat Doritos." That sounds exactly like my Sarah. : )